Ancient and modern architecture in the city of Seoul

Ancient and modern architecture in the city of Seoul

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North of South Korea is the city of Seoul, one of the most populous cities in Korea that over time has acquired great economic development and is considered one of the places with the best quality of life. to first world cities such as New York and London, in addition, it is the headquarters of world-renowned companies such as Samsung, LG, Daewoo, and more, which is why its business and economic prosperity have given rise to a low-level city.

Despite being a very advanced city with a modern and impeccable architecture, you can still see historical places worth visiting as they tell the roots of this region. Some recommended places to visit are the palaces of the Joseon dynasty, which consists of five large palaces and one smaller one. All these palaces have a majestic architecture very characteristic among the Asian culture, within them they were formerly realized a great series of ceremonies and activities for the king. Today you can see many ancient relics that are considered as cultural heritage of the nation, for example the Tower of Stone that consists of ten levels, the Heumgyeonggak Water clock consisting of cylinders carved with dragons and a stone construction and more.

In the big city, you can visit the National Museum of Korea, with an impressive architecture in the shape of a square arch in the modern minimalist style which houses more than 150 thousand objects of cultural and historical interest, it is one of the largest and largest museums of the world, in addition to having a great ecological technology that uses natural light to the maximum to avoid the use of electricity. The Korean War Memorial Museum, is an impressive museum where you will not only see information and objects used during the Korean wars, but you will be impressed to see the courtyard full of planes, ships, tanks and many other real means of warfare , definitely a place that you will love to visit.

If you are interested in fashion and the latest trends in South Korea, then visit Myeong-dong Street, a route that is always busy due to the large number of shopping centers it houses, at night the street lights up with signs of neon color, here you will find the latest in clothing, accessories, electronics, nightclubs, restaurants much more, without a doubt it is the commercial heart of Seoul. But if you want to buy more traditional items, then you should visit very close to the Namdaemun Market, where you can buy cheaper products and more attached to Korean folklore, the perfect place to do your souvenir shopping.

It is in this downtown area where you will find the best charming hotels in Seoul, here you will find a place to stay at very cheap prices and that is also close to shops, make sure you book a cheap hotel in Seoul in this area, to enjoy everything that this magnificent city has to offer.