Beach of the Grutas in Argentina

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For lovers of the sea, in Argentina you will find an ideal destination with excellent warm weather and waters with an impressive blue color. This destination is the wonderful Playa de Las Grutas.

Las Grutas Beach

In a village located north of Patagonia, within the Rio Negro Province of the nation Argentina is the spa Playa de la Grutas. Which is considered the ideal destination to enjoy the summer.

This summer paradise owes its name to the cliffs that extend along its surface, which form small caverns, called grottos.

The popularity of this Argentine spa, was growing over the years, encouraging investments and buildings such as the famous casino that make it an attractive place for tourism.

Reasons to choose Playa de Las Grutas as a tourist destination

This spa has all the necessary facilities to enjoy a wonderful holiday, because it has restaurants, bars, tourist paradors and structures for shows, as well as a very active nightlife.

In the same way, the hotel infrastructure offers visitors the most comfortable and pleasant stay during their stay. The accommodation offer ranges from hotels with all the amenities to camping options for the more adventurous.

At the same time, a variety of recreational activities are offered for children, youth and adults that guarantee a good experience during the visit to this spa, such as excursions and walks.

Also, this beach that extends for approximately 3km, has an excellent climate in summer and a latitude that allows you to receive up to eleven hours of sunlight directly.

The waters of the Beach of Las Grutas stand out and enchant visitors with their blue color and their crystallinity. Likewise, due to the incidence of solar rays and the shape of the tides, this spa has the privilege of warm waters, which have made it one of the most famous beaches in the world.

The temperature of its waters, which can reach up to 25 degrees, make this destination one of the most popular to enjoy the summer.

Beach of the caves

The temperature of the waters favors the practice of aquatic disciplines such as diving, as well as windsurfing, kite surfing and skiing in the water. As is the practice of Kayak.

On the other hand, the cliffs to which this paradisiac place owes its name are also an attraction for tourists. In the same way, this tourist destination offers a variety of fauna for visitors.

Among the fauna that can be observed in this spa, are dolphins, dolphins and even whales. In this sense are also characteristic of this place the parrots called barranqueros who take refuge in the cliffs.

So then this spa in the Patagonia of Argentina is an excellent tourist destiny destined to please all the tastes and to offer a variety of adventures, recreation and wonderful moments to all the tourists that visit it.