Best asian countries to visit

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With all modern culture and not only technological advances, great foreign artworks, good music and cuisine, occidental countries such as Japan, South Korea and China are winning the world every single day. This should not come as a surprise as everyday people who discover more of these foreign cultures are looking forward to visit these countries and discover more of their traditions.

For example, a lot of people have found Japan to be interesting for their highlights on geek culture, such as videogames and “anime”, but they also find fun in other aspects such as the bizarre yet awesome culture every place has in Japan, China might be more traditional but a lot of people find it interesting for their food and historical meaning.

So what Asian countries should I have in mind?

Well, before you decide which Asian country or countries you would like to visit, we highly recommend that you do some research first, as the Asian cultures are a hundred times more different in comparison of western ones. For example, did you know that in Japan “otaku” is considered to be an offense? Sorry anime lovers!

Also, we have to take in consideration that these cultures sometimes can be a little harsh on foreign visitors, unless you stick with capitals and most concurrent places for travelers. But don’t let this intimidate you, Chinese people can be very friendly and respectful with their visitors as Japan or South Korea, even Singapore is a good place to travel, you just have to see which places take a lot of foreigners in their vacations and you’re all set.

So what are you into?

Asian countries have a lot to offer in every way, in China you have great cultural trips and places to explore, Japan has one of the most technological advanced places in the world, Singapore has extremely beautiful cities you should see and South Korea has great music that is a worldwide phenomenon!

Not only that but every country in food terms is a delight anybody should taste, you have ramen and sushi in Japan, Fried rice and egg rolls in China and in South Korea you have the Korean barbecue and the pork bulgogi, what could be better than eating these delicious foods in their original countries?

If you still don’t know which place you should pick, we’re making a resume of pros of visiting any of these Asian countries and ranking them from our point of view.

The city of KeongSaik is one of the most futuristic cities of Asia; it also has a great commercial district and a good amount of local restaurants that will delight any tourist.

South Korea
South Korea even if it’s the neighbor of a country that’s considered being armed and dangerous it’s a really cool and fashionable country, discover Seoul and everything it offers to travelers, it has a little something for everyone.

China of course, is one of the countries with more historical landmarks on the world, you have the big wall of China, the beginning of the renowned silk road and many others; Also you have all those delicious dishes you can try for yourself and the beautiful and pacific chinese culture.

Anybody who has watched any of the Bollywood movies or seen anything of the beautiful indian culture must have felt in any way some attraction to visit this place, it’s most important spirituality and story, you also have beautiful and important places like the TajMahal.

This shouldn’t surprise anybody, the land of samurais and honor, but also one of the most relevant countries in modern culture, adding a lot to the world with their great productions in almost everything, ranging from Japanese anime animations to videogames, music and movies. What couldn’t you possibly love from Japan? This is the place anybody should visit in Asia.

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