The 7 best beaches in the Caribbean to visit

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The Caribbean is distinguished by an intense sun, beautiful paradisiacal beaches and cheerful people. Without a doubt it is a place that you should visit as soon as you have the opportunity.

If you think about living adventures in the sea, enjoying an excellent summer climate, in this article we will present you a guide of the 7 best beaches of the Caribbean to visit.

The 7 best beaches in the Caribbean

Los Roques: in South America, specifically in Venezuela, you will find this paradise called los Roques, where you will find some of the best beaches in the Caribbean.
This archipelago is made up of a diversity of keys, which have beaches with very calm waters, crystalline and white sands. Cayo de Agua stands out among the keys, famous for forming a natural pool.

Quintana Roo: in Quintana Roo, Mexico, some of the best beaches of the Caribbean are located. In them there is a great diversity of coral and wonderful activities are offered that go from diving or snorkeling, swimming with dolphins or take a horse ride.
This state of Mexico houses the famous beaches of Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Cozumel, ideal locations to enjoy the sea and the Caribbean sun.

Ambergris Caye: located in Belize, this impressive Cayo was the inspiration of the famous artist Madonna, for her theme entitled La Isla Bonita, and there is no doubt that this place impacts for its beauty.
This destination has paradisiacal beaches, jungles, incredible waterfalls and coral reefs with a variety of marine species. In Ambergris Caye you can practice diving, snorkeling and enjoy excellent hotels with all the comforts.

Santa Marta: in Colombia you can find Santa Marta, a coastal town that has beaches that are distinguished by their blue waters.
Throughout Santa Marta there are suitable beaches both for those seeking parties and adventures in the waves, as well as for those who prefer to relax and rest. So then in this destination is the famous Tayrona Beach as well as Garnet Beach, ideal for a holiday by the sea.

Grace Bay: in Turks and Caicos is the Grace Bay beach, with impeccably white sand, fine and bathed by a turquoise sea that make up a landscape worthy of a postcard.
So if you are considering a destination for your ideal summer vacation Grace Bay is one of the best options.

Playa Paraíso: This beach is located in Cuba, which lives up to its name because it has one of the most paradisiacal landscapes in the Caribbean. This destination will impress you by the beauty of its landscape in which the blue of the sky is perfectly combined with the blue of the sea.

Horseshoe Bay: in the Bahamas, Horseshoe Bay is one of the best beach destinations in the Caribbean and the world. It has a landscape that highlights the clear blue waters of its sea and its sands of light pink hue.
In Horseshoe Bay you can snorkel in its wonderful coral formations, as well as enjoy various activities and tours to explore this paradise of the Caribbean.