City of Waterford

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Located in the south of Ireland, the county of Phort Láirge or County of Waterford, it houses the City of Waterford a territory with a lot of history and wonderful places to discover that it becomes a great tourist destination.

City of Waterford, historic city

The city of Waterford is full of history because its foundation dates back to the year 914, date in which the Vikings established this city. Since then Waterford has been a place of great economic and political importance in the country.

This city is recognized as the city with the most antiquity in the Irish territory, that is why in Waterford you can find historic monuments such as castles, churches and other buildings such as museums that preserve the historical tradition.

Currently Waterford, also has a variety of restaurants and shops that bring modernity to its streets. Thus, without losing its identity and historical heritage, Waterford is a city that combines modernity with antiquity.

Attractions in the city of Waterford

Among the most famous monuments is the Reginald Tower, which through its name renders honor to the one who founded the Irish city. In this tower you can see some characteristic objects from the Viking age.

Similarly, when visiting the Tower you can enjoy guided tours to learn the history of this iconic place and also the view from the top of the Torre Reginald is so impressive that you will not want to miss it.

For those who appreciate architecture, Waterford is an ideal destination, because it houses, among other buildings, the Cathedral of Waterford, called Cathedral of the Holy Trinity.

The Cathedral of the Holy Trinity, dates from the year 1793 and is the building of the Catholic Church with greater antiquity in the Irish territory. Its construction is due to the famous architect named John Roberts, who added elements of the neoclassical period.

In the city of Waterford is also the Medieval Museum of Waterford, which exhibits objects and garments of each era of the city, since the Middle Ages. Also, in this museum, you can buy some souvenirs to remember the view of the city.

In the Medieval Museum of Waterford you can find treasures that show the rich history of this territory, which have been recovered and preserved thanks to an excellent archaeological work.

On the other hand, Waterford is famous around the world for the wonders from glasses created by the well-known Glass Factory installed in the city since 1783. So if you appreciate the art you must visit this place and appreciate the incredible glass creations .

Waterford, is an ideal city for those who want to know and live history, and in the same way, it is an ideal place to walk the streets with tranquility and enjoy the pleasures of life, because it has a variety of places to delight your palate.

So if you want a place to enjoy, travel and know, Waterford is the right destination, in each of its streets you can find wonderful treasures.

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