Desert of Atacama, an arid experience in Chile

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The Atacama desert is definitely an arid experience in Chile. It is the driest place on the planet and at the same time one of the most visited destinations in the South American country. It has salt flats, geysers and countries that look like you are on another planet. The name is because in that place it has to spend around 40 years for it to rain. It is unquestionably the closest thing to going to Mars and yet it is a place with many visually attractive destinations.

What can I visit in this destination?

You can go to the Geysers of Tatio is to the north and is almost five thousand meters high. The Tatio is the third field of geysers almost the largest in the world. To visit it you must take several precautions, such as not to get too close. The idea is not to inhale any type of emanations and to always wear clothes that serve as a shelter. To finish the spectacular visit go to the white geyser and have a thermal bath.

Other places to visit

  • Chaxa and Altiplano lagoons: They are one of the most important where you can find the national reserve of flamingos.

  • Valley of the Moon: It is a spectacular experience, of another level. It is a famous valley and is very similar to the lunar surface. The idea is to visit it just as sunset falls.

  • Valley of death: Sandbord they call it that because it is the best plan if you like the extreme. It is 2 kilometers away and you can descend through the dunes of more than 120 meters. It is the best experience if you watch the sunset or a beautiful night of stars.

  • Astronomical tour: San Pedro de Atacama is the best place to observe astrology, and observe light pollution. All this happens because there is no humidity in the environment.

  • Lascar Volcano: It is an excellent destination for those who love mountaineering. The volcano is almost 5,600 meters high and you are going to start walking from 4,850 meters. It is a fully active volcano and you will observe the immense crater.

  • Valle del Arcoiris: It is an area where there are several hills with multiple colors. You can see ochres, greens, coffees, violets, among other colors. It is almost 3,500 meters high and very close to San Pedro de Atacama.

  • Catarpe Valley: It is to the north, where the San Pedro River passes. There you can see the vegetation that has transformed into a passage. You can visit it on horseback or on a bicycle.

You can finish the trip in San Pedro de Atacama where you will visit the archaeological capital of Chile. It is a perfect place to explore all the places where they sell crafts, the church, restaurants. You can take a bus from Calama and reach this incredible destination. So travel to the Atacama desert and enjoy all these spectacular landscapes. Make your vacation something different and enjoy.