Agua Santa, the entrance to the Amazon basin of Ecuador

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Know the Baños de Agua Santa, the entrance to the Amazon basin in Ecuador will leave you impacted. This is a small city that is located in the Tungurahua volcano. It is as we mentioned, the door to the Ecuadorian Amazon. It has a spectacular and exuberant vegetation, has hot springs, with rivers, mountains and a fully active volcano. The best thing is that it has become one of the fully complete destinations in Ecuador. Its specialty is mountains and waterfalls.

Adventure, relaxation or resting tourism

In this beautiful destination you can see the crops of sugar cane, tea, coffee, yucca and even naranjilla. In the Amazon River you can navigate and find a variety of spas. There you will see crystal clear waters and all the jungle itself to relax and disconnect from the city. To continue resting are the hot springs and spas, for the whole family. If you want to have a little physical activity, you can take walks, cross some hanging bridges, or cross long vines.

For those who love adventure tourism is rafting, climbing, canopy, mountain biking or bungee jumping. You can also take a stroll on holiday dates such as May 24, August 10 and November 2. But if you want to do it, remember to book at a hotel in Baños, so you do not have to stay in another nearby town. The ideal is to do minimum an activity, both adventure and relaxation, to live all experiences.

What can you do in Baños de Agua Santa?

Baños de Agua Santa

You can go to the Pastaza River, it has a canyon under surveillance, in that place is the active volcano Tungurahua . It has a summit that is always snowy in height. This river is divided and there are different places that you can visit and it's worth it. What is most left over to this beautiful destination is waterfalls, green parts and a huge beauty. Another activity is the Route of the Cascades where you can go karting and so the adrenaline will rise excellently.

In that place there is a type of transport that is the Tarabita where you can visit rural communities that are on the river road. This medium is like a basket that flies and is the perfect combination between a cable car and a canopy. You can travel in some large, others small, some with motor and others driven by some rope. And you can travel to three different places to do the whole trip.