Firhall, a village for adults in the United Kingdom

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Can you imagine being in a place without children? Well, this place exists in the United Kingdom. In the Highlands, a town is located with certain requirements to inhabit it, among which it is important not to have children.

How did Firhall become a town for adults?

A few years ago, Firhall was created as an ideal village for those adults who do not enjoy an environment surrounded by the bustle of infants and do not want to be forced to share their days with babies and children.

This revolutionary and innovative concept of habitability, was conceived specifically for those who aspire to live the twilight of their lives enjoying the tranquility and without the agitations of life with children.

The town that has incredible landscapes, wonderful green areas with different species of animals, so it is common to find a variety of birds, squirrels and even deer.

In the same way, this town also has golf courses and parks that function as places of quiet recreation for its inhabitants. Additionally this place is close to the Nairn, ideal river for relaxing boat trips.

In this town, its inhabitants can go to restaurants and parks without worrying about crying or tantrums. Anywhere in this Scottish town reigns silence and tranquility.

This place is excellent for elderly singles or couples who require calm and tranquility because the atmosphere in the town is one of the quietest in the whole world.

Curiosities of Firhall

In Firhall not only children are not allowed, but also their inhabitants must be over forty-five years old and can not have more than one dog. As well as, the possession of other types of animals such as rabbits and ducks is prohibited.

In the case of dogs, although they can be considered as pets, they must be properly trained since they are not allowed to behave aggressively or disturb the peace of the neighborhood.

In this Scottish town, cleanliness and order can be felt when walking through its streets. In the same way, it is one of the safest villages with the highest quality of life in Europe.

When acquiring a home in this neighborhood, the deeds that every owner must sign, contain all the rules to which their future inhabitants must abide. So then, all those who inhabit there are in accordance with the norms of this village for adults.


However, the strict rules of this population, admit the short stay of some children provided they are children, nephews or grandchildren of those who reside there. Only that these can not stay to live.

Now, if you move to this town, it seems very crazy or you do not meet the requirements, but still want to live the experience of being without children around for a few days, in this village for adults also They offer tour packages for short stays.

So then, the place is also an option for those who wish to have a romantic getaway, maybe enjoy a honeymoon or take a break in a quiet place without children.