Holidays in Indonesia: everything you need to know

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Among the magnificent islands of the Malay archipelago, stands out a wonderful insular state to which we all know Indonesia. This country, like a timeless museum, combines the enigmas of the primitive savage tribes and the commercial life of Jakarta. Here we share some information about holidays in Indonesia, as a way to help you decide your next destination.

In your visit to these islands you can enjoy the jungle and the incredibly beautiful lagoons. You can relax nonchalantly in the beach hotels of Indonesia, travel by sea, visit ancient temples, unspoilt nature, unique museums and picturesque villages that will leave an indelible impression.

Why visit Indonesia

Indonesia is like being in a fairy tale, among palm trees, smiling people, bright temples and an intoxicating sea breeze. Young people from many parts of the world come to this country in search of fun that they will not find anywhere else. It is an ideal place for yoga lovers and spas. In addition, there are always many surfers, because during the whole year you can get a good wave in Bali.

Bali and all of Indonesia in general, is a very hospitable place. You will find delicious food, the hospitality of the inhabitants, as well as many incredible and beautiful places that are worth visiting.

How to get

Indonesia is in Southeast Asia. The island of Bali, where most tourists go to rest, is part of the Small Islands of the Sound and is next to the islands of Java and Lombok.

You can take a direct flight to Bali and land at the Denpasar airport. The travel time is about 15 hours, although you can also transfer in other countries.

Bali is a fairly large island, but all the resorts and the airport are at the southern tip of the island. Therefore, the transfer from the airport to the hotel will be short, from 30 to 60 minutes.

It is worth noting that the travel time from the airport to the hotel depends on how many hotels are on the bus route and the traffic situation.


The best time to travel to Indonesia is from May to October. At this time, warm and dry, the average daily air temperature is about +30 degrees Celsius. The water temperature does not fall below +27 throughout the year. The rains in Indonesia go from November to March.


You can obtain a visa at the airport upon arrival in the country. The period of validity is 30 days, and may extend for an additional 30 days. The passport must be valid for at least six months.

Take a pen with you: on the way to the plane or after landing you must complete a small migration card. Indicate the flight number, your details, including passport information, contacts, hotel, travel reason and date of departure. The card must be completed in capital letters and in English.

Hotels in Indonesia

Hotels in Indonesia are not only surprisingly comfortable, they are also in beautiful landscapes. Basically, this is a complex of villas, which give access to the vast ocean from the windows.


Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi, New Guinea, Java - all are islands with charm, beauty and culture. But the most popular island in Indonesia is the famous Bali. It is an elegant complex, where there are temples and discotheques, the most luxurious hotels and an indescribably beautiful nature.

Beaches of Bali

Not all of Bali's beaches are suitable for swimming. In some the currents are too strong, others have many algae and in others the stones prevent entering the sea. However, it is quite possible to find a place under the sun.

The best beaches for sunbathing and swimming are Legian, Nusa Dua and Jimbaran. With children it is best to rest on the beaches of Padang-Padang and Sanur, where the entrance to the water is not complicated by rocks and a strong drop in altitude. For its waves, surfers prefer to visit the beaches of Kut and Balangan.

Attractions of Indonesia

Because tourists choose to visit Bali, the most interesting places in Indonesia belong to this island.

The most popular and beautiful tourist attraction of Bali, which appears in all the holiday photos in Indonesia is the temple of Tanat Loch. In the second place in attendance is also the temple, Besakih, "the mother of all the temples of Bali".

In addition to the temples, tourists visit the water palaces of Ujung and Tirtha Ganges. With children you can visit the elephant farm and the water park Waterbom. It is certainly worth going to the Forest of the Apes, where there are thousands of very sociable primates.