Interesting facts about Indonesia

Interesting facts about Indonesia

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Indonesia is one of the countries where the development of tourism has had a real growth. What is this wonderful country attractive to travelers? It turns out that it is in Indonesia where we can see the line between civilization and primordial nature. This is where you can immerse yourself in the unique world of cultural monuments and incredible traditions. Let's learn together the interesting facts about Indonesia: the most fun, mysterious and interesting facts of this incredible country.

Interesting facts about Indonesia

If we compare it with other countries on the planet, Indonesia is a unique state. In the world there is no other island state comprising almost 17 800 islands. At the same time, not less than half of these small areas of land are not only unfit to live, they have not even received names. However, tourists often mention the names of the most famous islands: Sumatra, Bali and Java.

Religion and Language

The majority of the residents of the islands profess Islam. But Indonesian women are not oppressed by men, as in most Muslim countries. For example, women are not forced to hide their faces from people. They are also not prohibited from moving freely and can dedicate their lives to their favorite business. Even the spheres of business and public administration are available to women.

Due to the large number of islands and differences in local traditions the local dialect suffered several alterations. As a result of this, taking into account all the residents of the island we found a total of 580 languages.

Unusual statistics

Indonesia is one of the leaders in the production of nutmeg. In addition, the country has an impressive number of volcanoes, at least 400 can be counted. And it is only the assets!

Indonesia is rightly considered as one of the countries where the flora and fauna are richest. Just imagine that, in 2016, 200 new species of flora and fauna unknown until now were found. However, discoveries continue to this day. As a sample, only last year, scientists discovered two new types of rats.

Among the inhabitants of the islands are often unique specimens. For example, only on the island of Java, you can become familiar with the Java rhinoceros. In addition, only here we have the possibility to see the last of the dragon family: the Komodo dragons. These rare reptiles are protected by the state, and the areola of their habitat has been included for a long time in the national park.

Economic movement

The main source of income in Indonesia is tourism. With the aim of attracting new adventurers, the state government is ready to take action, constantly improve and expand the list of exotic tours. That's why for many years, Indonesia is the favorite of tourists looking for destinations with many exotic places. According to the latest data, the country is in fourth position in terms of assistance and in terms of attractiveness for tourists.

Another advantage of the local resorts are the spa procedures, which are actively offered to all visitors. This service is not restricted only to the salons, but also to the guests of numerous hotels. Today, Indonesia leads to the title of Asian "spa-country".

Other interesting facts

In Indonesia, there is always something to see. For example, many tourists are sincerely surprised by the Kava Izhen mine, or rather, what is produced here. It turns out that the mine receives a lava of an unusual purple color.

Another brilliant representative of the animal world is the brown snake from the east that can fly in the air. The muscles of the snake are so strong that they can move easily from one branch to another, pulling half of their own body in the horizontal plane.

Culinary specialists in the village of Taban can offer tourists a unique snack. The main ingredient is ordinary soil, from which the bricks are made. For this reason, tourists are unlikely to enjoy the usual Indonesian food.

It is in Indonesia where you can meet a man who is nicknamed "the wooden man". The 32-year-old Indonesian suffers from a rare disease that gradually covers his body with a variety of warts. Undoubtedly, Indonesia is a rather unique place that we should all visit at least once.