The least recommended countries for the LGTB community

The least recommended countries for the LGTB community

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In the XXI century, in our planet there are countries where homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals are executed, imprisoned and persecuted without mercy. Here is a list of the least recommended countries for the LGTB community.

To date, in 76 of the 260 countries of the world, homosexuality is criminalized. And seven of them provide for the death penalty, all of them belong to the so-called Third World countries. Civilized countries act differently, giving people the same rights, regardless of their sexual orientation.

15. Pakistan

In Pakistan, homosexual relations are considered serious crimes and are punishable by life imprisonment. Various political movements in this country coincide in manifesting themselves about LGBT people as a dregs of society. But not everything is so desperate, in recent years, much has changed in Pakistan.

14. Mauritania

This country is officially called the Islamic Republic of Mauritania, located in northwest Africa, between Mali and Algeria. It is one of the 76 countries in the world where homosexual relationships are a crime. In addition, it is one of the seven countries in the world where homosexual contact can be punished with death.

13. Malaysia

The religion of the state of Malaysia is Islam with all the subsequent prohibitions. According to the constitution, all ethnic Malays at birth are recognized as Muslims. Here, homosexuals can be sent to jail for up to 20 years.

12. Afghanistan

Afghanistan is the embodiment of a strict heterosexual culture. Here, the relationship between people of the same sex can be punished with execution or death on the spot. These processes are carried out without trial or investigation, and only 4 witnesses are needed to sentence.

11. United Arab Emirates

In the Emirates, any overt manifestation of sexuality is prohibited, even for traditional married couples. During Ramadan all prohibitions become even stricter. But it seems to be another hypocritical country: the UAE is famous all over the world for its "closed" gay clubs and clandestine gay parties.

10. The Gambia

The Gambia punishes non-traditional sexual relations with life imprisonment. Even in 2015, the same president of the Gambia promised to cut the neck of representatives of the LGBT community.

9. Yemen

In Yemen, homosexuals are punished with whips or with the death penalty. Criminal responsibility is recognized for homosexual contacts between men and for lesbianism. The slightest punishment for a relationship between people of the same sex, consists of 74 lashes.

8. Nigeria

If you have the impression that homophobic laws are prevalent, mainly in the Middle East, then you are wrong. There are countries in Africa, where they also criminalized homosexuality. For example, in Nigeria homosexual men face up to 14 years behind bars, just for being homosexual.

7. Uganda

In Uganda, a savage legal act was adopted under the name of "Law against homosexuality". Incites hatred and intolerance against homosexuals, is known as "the law to kill the homosexual"

6. Iraq

In Iraq, the state does not approve the murder of homosexuals. But militant groups have started their own campaigns to spread hatred and intolerance towards the LGBT community. They hunt homosexuals, torture and kill them, they also kill people who "look" homosexual or who do not seem "sufficiently manly".

5. Sudan

Sharia law, which forms the basis of statehood in this North African state, strictly prohibits any manifestation of homosexuality. Homosexual relationships are punishable by imprisonment or death penalty. The governments of many countries call not to travel to this country.

4. Iran

Being gay in Iran is a threat to life. If someone discovers that you are gay or that you support the rights of LGBT people, you will be handed over to the authorities. Iran is one of the few countries in the world that still punishes with death for homosexual orientation.

3. Qatar

This is another country where they kill homosexuals. They provide the death penalty for a homosexual act committed by a married person. Every homosexual act committed by single people is also punished with a whip.

2. Somalia

Because of the anti-gay law, Somalia is a pretty scary place for homosexuals. In early 2016, a 22-year-old Somali woman was deported abroad after sentencing her as a lesbian.

1. Saudi Arabia

Punishment for same-sex relationships is the death penalty. In 2000, three people were publicly beheaded with a sword for sodomy. Although the international reaction did not wait, Saudi Arabia did not change its concept on homosexuality.