5 amazing places to visit in Venezuela

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In Venezuela there are landscapes for all tastes. If you are in the country, just travel a couple of days by car to discover it. You can go from a paradisiacal beach in the Caribbean to the oldest tepuis in the world, without leaving the border. Not only that, if you prefer to take a break from the tropical climate, the Venezuelan Andes have a dream temperature. There you will find friendly natives willing to make you want to stay in a mountain in Merida.

Los Médanos de Coro

The Médanos de Coro National Park is an extension of sand located in the state of Falcón. Due to the effect of the wind, the dunes move daily, so the panorama will never be the same. Among the activities that can be done is the sandboarding and four-wheel motorcycle rides.
This small desert is the gateway to the Paraguaná Peninsula, with refreshing beaches. On the other hand, if you want to stroll in Coro, a town that houses the dunes, you will find colonial architecture and one of the oldest cathedrals in Latin America.

Colonia Tovar

It was founded by German and Dutch immigrants. Protect its charm in the powerful mountain-covered views that gives you the journey to the Colony and its architecture, undoubtedly European. Its flowers, strawberries with cream, craft beers, tasty sausages, paragliding and cold weather await your visit soon.

National park Canaima

The Canaima National Park is located in the Bolívar state. Only in this park there are different landscapes such as deep valleys, thick jungles, savannas and ancient tepuis. Of course, without forgetting the numerous rivers, lagoons and waterfalls that characterize the area. It is constituted by two sectors. To the east, the Gran Sabana, home of the Tepuy Roraima, 2800 meters high and to the west, the Angel Falls, the highest in the world.

The Mucubají Lagoon

Among the imposing mountains of Mérida, is the Mucubají Lagoon, at about 3,500 meters above sea level. In its cold waters there are trout, which can be fished if a series of requirements is met. The lagoon is located in the Sierra Nevada National Park. To start one of the most beautiful tours of the Andes, there are two options, can be done on foot or on horseback.
Santo Domingo, a town full of frailejones and unparalleled views, is nearby. It is characterized by trout and mushrooms. It is a good alternative to stay, since it offers a wide variety of hotels in terms of prices and options.

The Roques

It is an archipelago consisting of 50 different islands for fishing, wind surfing and diving lovers. But for those who do not like the sport, it is enough to relax watching the crystalline sea and the white sand of Los Roques. Beyond beaches, there are also lagoons and cays. It has the largest coral reef in the Caribbean. Its difficult access (usually by air), return to Los Roques an exclusive paradise.