The warm Fernando de Noronha archipelago

The warm Fernando de Noronha archipelago

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The warm Fernando de Noronha archipelago has the best beaches in Brazil and is located 360 km north of Natal. Belonging to the state of Pernambuco, it is made up of more than 20 islands and has an area of ??more than 25 square kilometers. The archipelago was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and human presence is prohibited in 20 of the islands that make it up. .

The only one inhabited is the Fernando de Noronha Island, the largest of them all. Like good volcanic soil, it has an extensive and beautiful fauna and flora. The vegetation that covers the surface gives it color, brightness and freshness, but the real beauty is under water. Thousands of tourists travel daily from all over the world, to immerse themselves in its crystal clear waters and live Brazil in depth.

Gastronomy and lodging

Fernando de Noronha

The volcanic soil is the most fertile soil. What is harvested and fed in them has an exquisite taste, incomparable with nothing. That is why the gastronomy of the island enjoys universal praise and admiration. Brazil changes your life through the palate, so the Zé María Inn offers its guests its precious gastronomic festival. On Wednesdays and Saturdays, starting at 8:30 p.m., a unique banquet unfolds at the inn.

To attend the festival and enjoy so much flavor, it is best to book the ticket in advance. The website of the hotel allows the options. If you were traveling to the Fernando de Noronha Island, this beautiful inn should be your accommodation. Not only for its luxurious but simple facilities, but for the incredible gastronomic art that they offer to their guests. The variety of dishes has international color that starts with the Spanish paella. Italian pasta is undoubtedly a delicacy, and Japanese preparations have no competition. And at the end of the banquet, the desserts, do not wait.

Nature that is enjoyed

The Fernando de Noronha Island is the ideal destination for those who want to get away from the urban chaos, so inns and hotels are simple and comfortable. Walks and boat rides through the other islands of the archipelago are the main activities. However, Fernando de Noronha is the most important diving spot in the country, and water sports grant intense experiences to visitors so they can enjoy, and never forget, those happy holidays in that unique spot of the beautiful Brazil.

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