Hire travel insurance

Hire travel insurance at the best price

Travel insurances are your best bet at keeping everything under control if things start to go wrong during your trip. Say you’re about to travel but your flight gets cancelled, or delayed; travel insurance companies can make up for some of that loss, so you will get part of the money back. They also cover for sickness during your trip, lost baggage and medical evaluation, if needed.

Due to all the things that could go wrong during your trip, which, in most cases, aren’t your fault, getting travel insurance is the best you could do. However, choosing one can be tricky, given how many insurance companies there are and also what they will cover. Here are some of the most famous travel insurance companies in the world, and also some tips on how to choose the one that best fits your needs.

The best ones!

Most of these insurers have had amazing rapport with clients for years, so there’s no surprise they’re amongst the best ranked in the business. If you’re going to travel and put money into a company, you want the best, right? So a company like Allianz Travel Insurance is your best play.

Having been founded in 1983, they’ve been on top of their game ever since. Backed up by important brokers, Allianz Travel Insurance is definitely to be considered when getting a travel insurance. They also offer personal and automotive insurance, so that way you’re completely covered and ready for your trip!

Other important insurance companies include American Express, founded in 1850 (that’s got to mean something, right?); Travel Guard, founded in 1985; and Travelex Insurance Services, founded in 1996. While most of these companies were founded in the United States, they offer worldwide coverage so check them out!

Why other options might not be as good…

Hire travel insurance

As it was said before, if you hire insurance, you trust that company with your money, your plans and your life, basically. So you want to make sure you get the best possible option there is; you don’t want some sketchy company that has no reputation and isn’t backed up by anyone.

Not saying small, start-up companies don’t deserve recognition too, Actually WebV will offer you one of the greatest services in travel insurance that you can get for an accessible price and with a quality pretty similar to one of those big old timer companies. So that way, you’ll know for sure that you’re making a smart investment, and not wasting your money away.

Where to find and compare these insurance companies?

There are certain websites that compile all the different insurance plans these companies offer, so with just one click, you’re provided with the most options possible.

One of the most reliable websites available is called TravelInsurance, where you select your date of departure and return, your country of residence, your citizenship, total cost of your trip and the number of people travelling with you and they will search between more than 10 different insurance companies, giving you multiple options. Plus, they’re backed up by websites such as The Huffington Post, Forbes and The New York Times, so you know they’re legit!