Tips to save on your bookings

Tips to save on your bookings and trips

Travelling and getting to know the world is something lots of people dream about doing. There’s nothing more exciting than hopping on a plane and flying to a new place you’ve never been before, and knowing it will forever be part of your dearest memories.

However, most people don’t plan well, and end up spending ridiculous amounts of money in a trip that could’ve been way cheaper. When this happens, people usually end up mad thinking about how much money they could’ve saved. When it comes to booking a flight, a hotel or moving around, you can definitely save yourself some money.

This is why today we’re bringing you tips on how to make your trip into a more affordable one, and saving that extra money for planning another trip in the future!

Buy plane tickets in advance

Don’t wait until the last minute to book your flight. Most airlines allow you to book flights up to six months in advance, so if you already have your mind set on making a trip, buy your plane ticket at the earliest possible, saving more money and allowing you to plan accordingly.

This makes sense, considering plane tickets are just like concert tickets, the cheapest ones are the firsts sold, leaving the more expensive options open. Why would you want to pay over $1000 for a plane ticket that could’ve been booked earlier and saved you more than half of the price?

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Don’t stay at a fancy hotel

Tips to save on your bookings

Hotels are great, and we all want to stay in the best hotel possible. Sadly, most luxurious hotels end up costing over $500 a night, which is a crazy amount if you think about it. Chances are you want to go out and get the most out of your trip, so why waste so much money on an expensive hotel when you can settle for something cheaper?

When looking for a hotel, try to steer away from big chains such as Hiltons, Marriotts or Hyatts. Instead, look for smaller hotels that can fit your needs. If you’re backpacking, try a hostel, where you can save lots of money, and maybe even meet someone who will tag along your way!

Don’t eat out as much as you would like to

When travelling abroad, it’s all about new foods you wouldn’t normally find in your home country. First of all, if your hotel includes breakfast, take advantage of this. Try to eat as much as possible so you can go out and about with a full tummy. This way, you can probably save yourself lunch, or you could have something lighter instead.

For dinner, try to buy stuff to cook for yourself: Sandwiches are the best idea. Get some bread, cheese and ham and make them for dinner. You could also pack some fruit sandwiches to take with you when you go out. If you want to eat out, try places that sell typical food, they’re often cheaper than fast-food chains. And if you want to have a fancy meal, do it just once, don’t go spending all your money on an expensive meal.

Avoid taxis as much as you can!

Taxis are generally expensive in every part of the world. So if you want to go out, try to use public transportation as much as possible. Most public transportation systems around the world offer weekly cards that can be purchased once and be used everywhere. Plus, riding the bus or the subway allows for a much different experience that a taxi would offer. If you do encounter yourself in need of a taxi, do it, but don’t use taxis as your main mode of transportation.